Page 83 - MAY Poetry Anthology
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                        PALABRA INERTE
             Afuera está
             la espera interminable,
             la indiferencia y el polvo,
             el instante de haber muerto,
             la música delgada
             y la calle endurecida.
             Apenas mueve el horizonte
             esta oscuridad

             para volver al relámpago
             mudo de la angustia
             donde habitamos.
             Enemiga de la luz
             y del sonido
             aprisiono tu mensaje en mi garganta.

                  LIFELESS WORD

             Outside is                                  TRANSLATOR
             the endless waiting,                        Sofia Liszka is a
             the indifference and dust,               student of Economics
             the instant of having died,               and Sustainability at
                                                         Miami University,
             the fine music                             Oxford, Ohio, also
             and the hardened street.                     specialized in
             The darkness barely moves                 Spanish and Political
             this darkness                             Science. Sofia is the
             to return to the lightning               editor of GreenHawks
             silenced by the anguish                     Media, a Miami
             where we live.                           University publication

             Enemy of the light                         on environmental
             and of the sound                             conservation.
             I imprison your message in my

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