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                                  BEATRIZ SAAVEDRA

           Professor  of  Creative  Writing  at  the  Universitat
           de  Barcelona,  Spain,  Beatriz  Saavedra  is  a
           writer,  reporter,  poet,  essayist  and  academic.
           She  received  her  doctorate  from  the  Instituto
           Mexicano de Líderes de Excelencia (2018), is co-
           director  of  the  Editorial  Floricanto,  A.C.,  and  is
           director of La Casa Estudio de Crítica Literaria in
           CDMX. Author of eight books of poetry, and one
           book  of  essay:  Anatomía  del  Erotismo  en
           Griselda  Álvarez.  Beatriz  directs  the  Workshop
           of Creative Writing “Alicia Reyes”, in the Capilla
           Alfonsina (INBAL).

           Beatriz  is  also  director  of  the  Series  of
           Conferences  “La  poética  de  la  inteligencia”  in
           the  Museo  de  la  Mujer  (UNAM).  Beatriz  is  an
           active  member  of  the  Women’s  Studies
           Academic Association (Audem) in Spain. She is
           the director of the Center for Women’s Studies at
           the  Academia  Nacional  de  Historia  y  Geografía
           (ANHG)  in  Mexico  City,  and  also  directs  the
           Festival  Women  Writers  of  the  ANHG,  UNAM.
           Beatriz  coordinates  the  Poetry  Program  on
           “Women’s  Publishing  Houses”  IMER,  and  the
           Literary  Section  of  ASTL.TV.  She  writes  about
           Spanish  American  literature  and  contributes
           periodically         in     national        andinternational
           academic journals.

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