Page 80 - MAY Poetry Anthology
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                 MAY, MAY HAPPINESS
                CONTINUE TO RADIATE

           She had been hounded, head-butted by strife,
           Cheated by the moods, sparks & spins of life

           Her challenges were many and various—spiritual,
           occupational, environmental, mental and financial

           She was named May since that was her month
            of birth , but what evaded her life were funds

           It was in the month of May that she set out
           on a life-changing path and gave it her bout

           She sought happiness, health and holisticism
           in spite of a hail of hellish winds and criticism

           It was a daring, deserved and dynamic stride
           to wellness that saw her life enjoy a real ride

           Her life realized and relished a love for oneself,
           hence she recovered her purpose in life, herself

           Hers was a life metamorphosed into meaningfulness,
           characterized by regular exercises and liveliness

           and a balanced diet, a good sleep, a positive thought
           and a holistic way to health that made her less

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