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                                             NANDITA DE NEE

           Nandita  De  nee  Chatterjee  is  a  writer/freelance
           journalist/ book editor/housewife. Formerly with
           Economic  Times.  Cover  stories  and  Feature
           Writer  with  Statesman,  Illustrated  Weekly,
           Economic  Times,  Telegraph,  Times  of  India,
           Femina,  Filmfare,  Germany  Today,  Voix  Meets
           Mode,  UK,  Frontier  Weekly,  Namaste  Ink,  Setu
           magazine,  US,  Innsaei  International  Journal,
           Plethora,Chrysanthemum                             Chronicles,
           Literatureslight          Magazine,         Global       United
           Renaissance  magazine,  Raven  Cage  Ezine,
           Germany,  Taifas  Literary,  Italy,  Our  Poetry
           Co  Author:  Big  Bang  of  Non-Fiction,  Life  in
           Reverse; 30 Best Poets; Poems from Best Poets;
           Sea;  Coffee  &  Echos;  Wrapped  Up  Feelings;
           Poetry  Planet's  Christmas  in  my  Heart  ,
           Moonlight;  ALS's  Kaleidoscope  of  Asia  &
           Bilingual  Anthology  of  Poems;  Poetry  Planet's
           Writers'  Haven;  Rewrite  the  Stars;  Love  Thy
           Mother;  The  Real  Hero;  Heart  of  a  Poet,  US;
           Ashes;  Arising  from  the  Dust;  Striving  for
           Survival;  An  Indian  Summer;  Poetry  Planet's
           Lockdown  Diaries,  Born  to  Dream  Winner's
           Anthology;  Words  in  Motion;  Dancing  with
           Death;  Macabre  Tales  by  Chrysanthemum
           Chronicles;  Poetry:  Best  of  2020  and  I  Want  to
           Live  by  Innerchildpress  USA;  The  Sounds  of
           Spring  and  Asia  Sings  by  Silk  Road  Literature
           Series,  Egypt;  Golden  Apples  of  God;  and  4
           Coffee  Table  Books  :  Gems  II;  Gems  III;  Never
           Cease  to  Amaze  by  World  Pictorial  Arts  Forum
           and  Chocolaty  Affairs  and  Scandals  by
           Chrysanthemum Chronicles.
           Editor : Macabre Tales.

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