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                                      TALI COHEN SHABTAI

            Tali  Cohen  Shabtai  was  born  in  Jerusalem,
            Israel,  and  is  an  international  poet  of  high
            esteem  with  works  translated  into  many
            languages.  She is the author of three bilingual
            volumes of poetry, "Purple Diluted in a Black’s
            Thick"(2007),  "Protest"  (2012)  and  "Nine  Years
            From       You"(2018).        A     fourth      volume        is
            forthcoming in 2021. She has lived many years
            in Oslo, Norway, and in the U.S.A. Tali is known
            in  her  country  as  a  very  prominent  as  a  poet
            with  a  special  lyric,  "she  doesn’t  give  herself
            easily, but subject to her own rules".

                                   THE END

             Look, my father
             the road is becoming shorter
             there is no sense that will change what is coming!

             That's why I'm preparing a nice note for
             a sudden farewell,
             see, my father!
             Man must make
             for the transition between life and death–
             this is purely necessary wisdom,
             it makes no sense to
             rise early for the morning prayer

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