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                       TAPAS DEY

              Tapas Dey, living in a small
           town Mathabhanga, Coochbehar
           in India is working as a teacher.
            He is an avid poetry reader and
             writing poetry is his passion.
               His first book of poems “A
               Green Canvas” exhibit his
                        poetic talent.

                            YES, REMEMBER

           Yes, the truth is this,
           A summon for a welcome starvation wage
           Sometimes, no square meal,
           Not even a triangle haven,
           A direct relationship with starry sky,
           Full moon or new moon, such is life,
           A focus experience, connived by the heads.

           But on the way to life,
           A wreath of questions of power,
           Dog cheap blood, bruised back,
           Blistered feet,
           Acknowledged are all as dues, slavery rewards.

           They have East for the sun to rise,
           They must bloom to be worth while
           With heads erect to face the country.

           Yes, remember!

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