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                                 MILI DAS

          Mili Das is a bilingual poet from Kolkata, India. She
          is  a  symbol  that  no  obstacle  in  life  can  hold
          anyone  back.  Her  first  poetry  book  'APEKSHA
          KORCHHI  BANDI  KAFINE'  was  published  in
          January 2019.Demand for her lovely poems of new
          dimension  from  common  people  to  all  over  India
          urged  her  to  publish  her  second  poetry  book
          'RAJBHABANER SAMNE' and third English poetry
          book  "YOU  ARE  STILL  THERE  “has  been
          published from Romania,2021. She was invited as
          a poet to Raj Bhaban, the Governor house of West
          Bengal. She is cooking expert of West Bengal. She
          attended various TV programs on national as well
          as  local  TV  channels.  She  is  a  regular  food
          columnist in different Bengali food magazines. She
          is now invited as a judge for cooking competitions.
          Recitation  is  one  of  her  best  passion.  The  pen  is
          one of the identities of her life. Reading her poems,
          it  is  understood  that  it  is  her  own  genre.  She
          herself is the inspiration of her own life.

          She has received many accolades for her poetry at
          West      Bengal       and      abroad.      Overcoming          all
          adversities, today she has crossed the borders of
          the country and started her journey to abroad. Her
          English  poetry  has  been  acclaimed  in  India,
          America,  Virginia,  Colombia,  Romania,  Brazil,
          Nigeria,  Berlin  Bangladesh,  Germany,  Spain  and
          many  more  countries.  Her  death  poems  and  love
          poems have been praised by many talented poets.

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