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                       AMMU RAJEEV

                Ammu Rajeev, a teacher by
            profession, takes keen interest in
                 imparting knowledge and
               inspiring change. During her
            spare time, she loves to express
                her emotions and thoughts
                        through words

                               MAY FLOWERS

           This sea of sadness seems endless
           Turning life cold as winter breeze.

           People falling like autumn leaves
           As the world watch, clueless.

           All it took was a tiny virus
           To bring the world to its knees.
           Doors close, flourishing cities freeze
           Leaving fields and parks lifeless.

           An year has gone by
           It's rained sorrow for many days.
           As we learn to adapt to the new ways
           We remember our past with a sigh.

           Yet we hope for the skies to clear
           And Believe in nature's powers.
           If April showers bring May flowers
           We'd soon say adieu to this fear.

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