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                          NAFISA PARVIN IRANI

               Nafisa  Parvin  Irani  is  a
               language  student.  She
               did  her  MA  in  English
               and had her B.Ed degree
               too.  Presently,  she  is  a
               high      school       teacher
               from  2008.  She  comes
               from a very small village
               named         Sujapur,         of
               Malda,  of  West  Bengal
               state,      India.      Nature
               loving, free spirited lady,
               loves      to     dive      into
               emotions         and      gives
               responses  to  her  inner
               call       through           her
               writings.  She  loves  to
               write      poems,         short
               stories      and       positive
               quotes.       Her     writings
               published              through
               various                  online
               magazines,           including
               Litterateur RW.

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