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                                  MARIJA NAJTHEFER POPOV

           Marija  Najthefer  Popov  was  born  in  Serbia  on
           March 11, 1958. So far, she has been published
           in  more  than  two  hundred  joint,  domestic  and
           international poetry collections; published in an
           extremely large number of domestic and foreign
           magazines and literary sites.

           In 2018, she published her first book "I WRITE A
           WOMAN". This poetic book explains the world of
           women, creativity, existence and love, elegance
           and meaning that direct and give all the colors of
           life. The author, within her poetic mission, sees
           art as a spirit of freedom and lyrics, nature as a
           trace  of  that  splendor  that  enables  the  merging
           of  its  elements  with  the  spiritual  world.  The
           author has received numerous high international
           ratings  and  awards;  it  has  been  translated  into
           many foreign languages.

           She is currently preparing for future publications
           and  is  working  on  other  synergies  in  various
           cultural  journals  and  international  anthologies.
           She  is  currently  engaged  as  the  Author  of  the
           grandiose ANTHOLOGY 2021 / SERBIA with the
           participation  of  over  350  eminent  poets  of
           contemporary poetry from Serbia and around the
           world.  She  is  a  member  of  many  literary  and
           poetic  associations,  an  honorary  member,
           president, ambassador of peace in the world ...
           She lives and works in Zrenjanin, Serbia.

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