Page 62 - MAY Poetry Anthology
P. 62


                     MAY BRINGS RAIN

           It doesn't matter what others say
           May only brings trouble to people
           To beggars who always suffer for no reason
           Forcing yourself to take risks in life is essential

           Initialization factor, people perishable goods
           They are still looking for a way to overcome the day

           There is nothing holier than ourselves
           Who are fighting for a difficult existence?

           And times have gotten so bad
           May brings trouble and rains all over
           Love has gone through hell in all of us
           No matter what skin colour they were

           When silence slams the door of your happiness
           Then May is no longer the same colour painted
           Love has died, ships have long since died
           because the life cycle had to stop

           And it converts into better life stories
           Because its colour is a symbol of happiness always
           Silence shows the way to the truth
           May flowers spacious!

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