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                                 MAID CORBIC

           Maid  Corbic  from  Tuzla,  21  years  old.  In  his
           spare  time,  he  writes  poetry  that  has  been
           praised  and  awarded  several  times.  He  also
           selflessly  helps  others  around  him,  and  is  the
           moderator  of  the  World  Literature  Forum
           NJLFPH  (World  Literature  Forum  Peace  and
           Humanity) for unity and world peace in Bhutan.
           He  is  also  the  editor  of  the  portal  of  the  First
           Virtual  Art  Universe,  led  by  Dijana  Uherek
           Stevanović,  and  the  selector  of  the  competition
           on  the  page  of  the  same  name,  which  aims  to
           connect all poets around the world.

           Many  works  have  also  been  published  in
           anthologies  and  magazines  (Chile,  Spain,
           Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador,
           United  Kingdom,  Indonesia,  India,  Croatia,
           Serbia,  etc.)  as  well  as  printed  copies  of  the
           anthology  of  poems  "Sea  in  the  palm  of  your
           hand",  "  Stories  from  Isolation  ",  and"  Kosovo
           Peony  "and  others.  Through  his  efforts  and
           work, he has made many acquaintances around
           the world, and in 2020 he was named Poet of the
           Year  in  the  Indo-Universe  Group,  which  also
           engages in charity around the world

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