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                 LIDIA CHIARELLI

           Lidia Chiarelli is one of the Charter Members of
           Immagine  &  Poesia,  the  art  literary  Movement
           founded  in  Torino  (Italy)  in  2007  with  Aeronwy
           Thomas, Dylan Thomas’ daughter.

           She  is  an  Installation  artist,  collagist  and
           Coordinator of #DylanDay in Italy (Turin).

           She  has  become  an  award-winning  poet  since
           2011  and  she  was  awarded  a  Certificate  of
           Appreciation from The First International Poetry
           Festival  of  Swansea  (U.K.)  for  her  broadside
           poetry  and  art  contribution.  Awarded  with  the
           Literary Arts Medal – New York 2020.

           Six  Pushcart  Prize  (USA)  nominations.  Mario
           Merz (Italy) Nomination for Arts 2020. Grand Jury
           Prize at Sahitto International Award 2021.

           Her  writing  has  been  translated  into  different
           languages  and  published  in  more  than  150
           Poetry  magazines,  and  on  web-sites  in  many


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