Page 56 - MAY Poetry Anthology
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                 THE CREATURES OF THE
                         DARK NIGHTS

           This is such a long dark night
           Which does not has its dawn
           We are passing through such a mystic tunnel
           Wherein light is not seen up to a far distance
           Everywhere there is a thick darkness
           We are afraid and scary sitting in the bogies of the train

           Not a single ray of light can go out
           On the shine of a subtle light
           Some abstract hand of darkness
           Suddenly appears from window to pull out
           Someone from among us, and
           The person becomes a part of the darkness
           The endless darkness

           A number of our friends
           Authors, poets, and journalists
           Have become, so far, its bites
           Have become the travelers of the countries of oblivion
           Whoever has come been trapped into its claw,
           He has never returned back to home

           The darkness is approaching at the speed of a tempest
           Its gigantic tsunami waves
           Getting faster than its previous waves

           We were earlier used to be free birds
           Used to talk with the winds

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