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           Dr.  Perwaiz  Shaharyar  is  an  Editor  in  National
           Council  of  Educational  Research  and  Training
           (NCERT),  Ministry  of  Education,  Government  of
           India. He had been Principal Publication Officer
           in  National  Council  for  Promotion  of  Urdu
           Language in 2007.
           He is a famous short story writer, poet and critic
           from India. He is Graduate with English Honors
           from      Ranchi       University.       He     has      topped
           Jawaharlal  Nehru  University  in  Masters  with
           Literature. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy
           for his Research Work from University of Delhi.
           He  is  Post  Graduate  Diploma  holder  in
           Calligraphy, Mass Media and in Book Publishing
           with Specialization in Editing.
           He has begun writing his poems in English since
           lock-down in Pandemic Covid-19 period. He has
           written  around  50  poems,  participated  in  many
           worldwide  webinars  and  published  in  various
           international anthologies, so far. His poems are
           being  published  in  several  magazines  within
           country  and  abroad.  His  poem  ‘The  Burning
           Boat’ contains mystic (Sufism) and metaphysical
           elements.  He  has  bagged  many  States  and
           National  Awards  and  accolades  for  his  literary
           works. He has total 12 published books, 2 each
           of collections of short stories and collections of
           poems,  4  books  of  criticism  and  4  books  of
           translation  from  other  languages  in  his

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