Page 47 - MAY Poetry Anthology
P. 47



            And remembered
            How our childhood streets
            In small little towns
            Were littered with Gulmohar
            Petals, lined with Amaltaas Chandeliers!
            Before being replaced by the super malls
            That could contain all the shops
            And sell everything that could be bought!

            May many things remain outside of it!
            May love never turn into commodity!
            May friendship bloom
            In people's hearts !

            May the air that has
            Cleaned up
            Allow us deep breaths!
            As we look for our towns

            Trapped in it!
            May the Himalayan peaks
            Visible suddenly from our neighborhoods
            In the East, continue to shine
            In our memories!

            May the Rockies that I daily
            Saw, from that heavenly Town, in its foothills
            Whereas a colored Immigrant woman student
            I received many letters from the Immigration office

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