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                    PANKHURI SINHA

          Pankhuri  Sinha  is  a  bilingual  young  poet  and
          story  writer  from  India,  who  has  lived  in  North
          America  for  14  years  and  has  two  books  of
          poems  published  in  English,  two  collections  of
          stories  published  in  Hindi,  five  collections  of
          poetries  published  in  Hindi,  with  many  more
          lined  up.  Has  won  many  prestigious,  national-
          international awards, has been translated in over
          twenty two languages. Her writing is dominated
          by  themes  of  exile  and  immigration,  gender
          equality and environmental concerns.


           Pyres all burnt
           Some bodies set afloat
           Heavens must have wept
           At Ganga’s fate!
           Yet, the river did not ditch us!
           Quietly, flowed its water
           Promising even the contamination will go!

           Hang on! Said the Ganges!
           Ganges taught us to have
           A heart of steel! And wait!

           Locked up in our homes
           We saw Gulmohar pictures
           Online, posted from the highway!

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