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                                   KEN KOAST

              Ken Koast is a Kenyan Poet, Musician & Fine
              Artist whose specialty is in rhyme & abstract

                            MAY-DEN VOYAGE

             I say ‘May’, but I’ve never been more certain
             That goodness will be unveiled behind the torn curtain
             Tell Herod
             That Emeralds
             Are the heralds
             Of bright futures
             Mending broken spirits with several
             Of the right sutures
             I salute Maia – Goddess of Fertility
             With honest fragility.

              The month of May is named after Maia, the Greek Goddess
             of Fertility.Emeralds are the birthstone of the month of May.
              The references to the ‘torn curtain’ & ‘Herod’ are allusions
              to the aftermath of the Easter season.The title is a play on
               words & also a reference to this poem being my maiden
                                 voyage in this forum.

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