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             JOSIE DI SCIASCIO-

           Josie  Di  Sciascio-Andrews  is  a  poet,  author,
           teacher  and  the  host  &  coordinator  of  the
           Oakville Literary Cafe Series. Her latest book of
           poems Sunrise Over Lake Ontario, was launched
           in  2019.  Her  previous  poetry  publications
           include: Sea Glass, The Whispers of Stones, The
           Red Accordion, Letters from the Singularity and
           A  Jar  of  Fireflies.  Josie’s  poetry  has  been
           shortlisted  for  the  Malahat  Review’s  Open
           Season Award, Descant’s Winston Collins Prize,
           The  Canada  Literary  Review,  The  Eden  Mills
           Literary  Contest  and  The  Henry  Drummond
           Poetry  Prize.  Her  poetry  has  won  first  place  in
           Arborealis  Anthology  Contest  of  The  Ontario
           Poetry  Society  and  in  Big  Pond  Rumours
           Literary  E-Zine.  Some  of  her  poems  feature  on
           The  Niagara  Falls  Poetry  website.  One  of  her
           pieces was included by Priscila Uppal in Another
           Dysfunctional           Cancer         Poem        Anthology,
           Mansfield  Press,  in  2018,  rated  by  Chatelaine
           Magazine  as  one  of  the  best  Canadian  poetry
           books  of  2018.  Josie  is  the  author  of  two  non-
           fiction  books:  How  the  Italians  Created  Canada
           (the  contribution  of  Italians  to  the  Canadian
           socio-historical  landscape)  and  In  the  Name  of
           Hockey  (  a  closer  look  at  emotional  abuse  in
           boys’  sports.)  Josie  teaches  workshops  for
           Poetry  in  Voice  and  for  Oakville  Galleries.  She
           writes and lives in Oakville, Ontario.

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