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                                       TÜRKAN ERGÖR

             Türkan  Ergör  is  a  Sociologist,  Philosopher,
             Writer, Poet, Columnist, Ambassador for Peace,
             World  Peace  Icon  from  the  City  of  Izmir  in
             Turkey.  Türkan  Ergör  was  honoured  with  a
             World  Award  of  Excellence  in  Literature  2019-
             2020 by the Provincial Municipality of Urubamba,
             Republic  Government  of  Peru.  Also  she  was
             awarded  the  Excellence  in  Literature  Award  by
             Spanish-World           Writers'        Union.       She       is
             International  Goodwill  Ambassador  of  The
             Brahmand  Evolution  Council,  the  Universal
             Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity. She is
             a member of the WNWU - Union of Writers of the
             World in Kazakhstan. She has been awarded by
             World  Institute  of  Peace,  Nigeria  for  her  social
             activities  to  upkeep  World  peace  in  2017.
             Awarded  medal  for  World  Peace  by  the  Italy
             World  Union  of  Poets  and      International  "Best
             Poet 2020" by the International Multi-Disciplinary
             Research          Conference,           shewas           named
             International  “Best  Author,  Writer  2021  ".  She
             was  also  named  “Best  Poet  2021".  Paramount
             Sultan of the Philippines HM SULTAN MORAD S.
             UMPA  and  HRH  SULTAN  ALI  AMPASO  UMPA
             gave the title of Princess for Türkan Ergör.
                 She  is  the  author  for  bilingual  poetry  books
             called  "RING-YÜZÜK",  "WORDS–KELİMELER".
             Her  poems  have  been  translated  into  different
             languages and published.

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