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                             JAMES TIAN

          James  Tian,  Tianyu,  born  in  1994  Shandong
          Province Tai’an City started writing poetry at the
          age  of  six.  His  works  had  been  published  in
          more  than  50  newspapers  and  magazines  at
          home and abroad and have been translated into
          many  languages.  In  2018,  he  was  awarded  the
          second  prize  in  the  national  excellent  literary
          works  competition  for  the  15th  anniversary  of
          the     resumption          of     the      publication        of
          jinggangshan writers' daily. He was awarded the
          special role model of The Times in 2018, Second
          prize  in  Wen  Yiduo  poetry  competition  in  2018,
          BPPW gold award in 2019, Award for excellence
          in  Latin  American  literature  in  2019,  Award  for
          American  poetry  in  2019,  Bronze  medal  of
          "bena"  award  for  French  poetry  and  song  in
          2019, the silver award of the American pegasus
          poetry award in 2019 and other awards.

          The  International  Culture  Publishing  Company
          published  the  monograph  "the  light  in  the  sky"
          Tianyu  modern  poetry  anthology,  Sichuan
          Nationalities        Publishing        House        published
          "Tianyu       lyrics     anthology",        China       Ground
          Publishing  House  published  "Tianyu  lyrics
          anthology 2" and other books.

          He is the member of Chinese poetry society and
          China  central  television  (CCTV)  "Chinese
          wisdom" group director.

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