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                                                   THE BEAUTY OF MAY

             First of May, a fabulous labour day
             Its best to rejoice this groovy holiday.
             A celebration with happy shouts of
              " Hooray, Hooray, Hip, Hip, Hooray "

             Our faces will no longer gloomily beat,
             Loungers re oc cu py most of the streets.
             A tête-à-tête, as in private " one to one " seat,
             With lovers' conversation - nice and sweet.

             Queen of all the months, celestially fair

             Clothed in robe shining radiant and rare
             Of utmost beauty, full of grace and glory
             May, the month of peace and harmony.

             May owns that amazing charm
             Creating lives with lovely psalms
             Its serenity - divinity surrounds
             God's blessings spread all around.

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