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                      ALAN LIEW

          Alan  Liew  from  Kuala  Lumber,  Malaysia  was
          educated        and      trained      as     a    mechanical
          engineering         consultant        at     the     Universiti
          Technologi  Malaysia.  His  interest  in  poetry
          writing started when he was in lower secondary

          He  had  been  conferred  the  award  of  Golden
          Doves of Peace by Motivational Strips Literature
          group, and the award of Diploma - "World Poetic
          Star  "  from  World  Nation  Writers  Union,  the
          world's  largest  writers  union  from  Kazakhstan.
          He  has  also  been  given  the  certificate  of
          Honored  Poet  of  Malaysia  by  Lasosyasyon  Lar
          San  Frontier  (LLSF),  An  International  Literary
          and Arts Siciety, recognized by the Government
          of  Republic  of  Seychelles.During  the  74th
          independence  day  of  India  he  was  awarded  the
          certificate  of  Literary  Excellence  At  Par  With
          Global  Standards  by  Gujarat  Sahitya  Academy
          And  Motivational  Strips.  Kishwer  Tony  Peace
          Foundation, Canada, Hera Foundation and Tony
          TV,  New  York,  USA,  Khiswer  &  Tony  Radio/TV,
          Canada  has  conferred  on  him  the  International
          Award  Paragon  of  Hope.  The  World  Parliament
          for Peace has conferred upon him a World Five
          Star for Peace Award. In 23rd April 2021, he has
          also  been  conferred  the  Order  of  Shakespeare
          Medal  by  Motivational  Strips.  In  15th  May  2021,
          he  received  the  William  Shakespeare  Poetry
          Award  for  outstanding  accomplishments  in
          global poetry by Margaret Kowlaewska

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