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                          EROTIC MAY

           May blooms in the platonic
           loves of blooming souls.
           The foliage of the flowers
           sways in the intoxicating
           rhythms of passion, from
           the flute of a young shepherd.
           Hearts beat and souls
           musk of kindness in
           the erotic call of May.
           Love is baptized

           in the blue mirrors                 Every blooming flower
           of the seductive                    in poet’s hand becomes
           magical sea                         a golden crown in the hair
           of her eyes…                        of a blonde goddess
           The young narcissus                 of May or beautiful
           the beautiful daughters             Cinderella…
           of May chases to steal              We were again
           and drink one of their              enchanted by the musk
           kisses, squeezed red wine           of the meadow
           from the brusco of pleasure…        moments.
                                               Erotic watch

                                               that awakers
                                               instincts of passion.
                                               Lust   and thunderbold
                                               love the fiery lover
                                               with the name...MAY!

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