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                SMALL PLEASURES

                                                    Small pleasures
                                                     carefree bride

                                                  Under the same sky
                                                    flushed cheeks
                                                      whole heart
                                                  Flowers expensive
                                                         in May
                                                      in lips closed
                                                  painted defenseless
                                                         in love

                  Small pleasures
                    butterflies in                  Small pleasures
                  leaves flowering                juices, sweet drips
                 boats with sails off              for him and for me
               pomegranates broken                  flower of the lily
                        under                             open
                  the pomegranate                   sweet action, we
                 Mind and heart up             The thoughts spread like
             touch the stars stand out                  Ivy Gold
                       sunlight                         slip light
              in a sweet drunkenness                  desperately
                 thousands of birds

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