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                            KAPARDELI EFICHIA

           Kapardeli  Eftichia  (Greece)  writes  poetry,
           stories, short stories, haiku, essays. She lives in
           Patras. She studied journalism from A.K.E.M and
           also  possess  a  PhD  (Doctor  of  literature  )  from
           World Academy of arts and culture.

           She has many awards in national competitions.
           She received the second prize for book poetry of
           Kostis  Palamas  from  the  Society  of  Greek

           She  has  many  national  and  international
           anthologies  to  her  credit.  A  book  of  her  poems
           has  been  translated  into  Albanian.  She  is  a
           member of Board of  Directors of the magazine

           She  has  published  17  books  in  a  private
           collection  and  many  Anthologies.  She  is  a
           member of the World Poets’ society and poetas
           del mundo and member of the IWA (international
           writers  and  artists  Association)  chaired  by
           Teresinka  Pereira  had  from  IWA  as  the  best
           translation.  She    a  Lifelong  member  of  the
           International    Society  of  Greek  Literatures-

           Kapardeli Eftichia (

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