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                                IWAN DARTHA

           Iwan  Dartha  was  born  on  10March1958  in
           Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. Started writing
           poetry,  short  story  and  others  literary  works
           since  childhood  in  Junior  School.  Education
           background  is  Magister  Degree  in  Management.
           He's  registered  in  a  Directory  Book  (Who'sWho
           Indonesian  Poets).  He  had  ever  worked  in
           Holland America Line Inc. based in New York, US.
           He  had  worked  for  Indonesia  Embassies  in
           different  times  and  countries.  Backed  to
           Indonesia, worked for International NGO while he
           also  backed  to  teach  in  an  University  as  a
           partimer  Lecturer  for  the  subjects  of  English
           Business  and  Management.  Then,  he  was
           employèd  as  HRM  Sr.Manager  by  a  foreign
           companies  in  Jakarta,  Indonesia.  He's  a
           Writer/Poet  now,  as  well  as  Moderator  in  global
           literary  group:  Beautiful  Minds,  an  Admin  group
           in  Gogyohka  USA,  Moderator  and  Judge  for
           global  group:  Poetry  Planet.  Editor  for  several
           Books  (Poetry  Anthology),  Editor  in  Taifas
           Literary  Magazine,  Italy.  Founder,  Creator,  Chief
           of Administrator group: The Voice of Poetry. He
           lives in Jakarta, WA number: +62 812 9883 8534,

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