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                             FROM EYES SO

                         I want to write just few lines
                         to the life that will not be
                         for the years I only wish
                         we all could live in peace.
                         I would devote my vain verse
                         to beauty (so rare, so rare)
                         seen from eyes so scratching
                         where nobody really could.
                         The poem would start for those
                         who face life (so hard, so hard)
                         dark in the darkest times
                         to survive one more day here.
                         This ink is shed for those
                         aware not all is well
                         doing their own best & worst
                         to spill sparks in human hearts.
                         May my dream get to know,
                         get to hold a clear vision

                         what it means to be human
                         & leave world division.

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