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                             SHAFINUR SHAFIN

                  Shafinur Shafin is a Bangladeshi poet,
                  translator  and  academic.  She  has
                  published her debut book “Nisangam”
                  which is a collection of Bangla poems
                  in  2016  and  her  translation  book
                  Gandhamphul  has  been  published  in
                  2019.  She  is  also  the  poetry-editor  in
                  an  e-zine  named  Prachya  Review.  As
                  she  cannot  paint,  so  she  wants  to
                  create image with the power of words.
                  She writes in Bangla and English both
                  language.  Her  Bangla  poems  have
                  been  translated  into  seven  different
                  languages  including  Nepalese,  Hindi,
                  French,  Spanish,  German  and  Italian
                  language.  Her  English  poems  have
                  been  included  in  two  anthologies
                  published         from      New       York       and
                  Philippine,  and  also  her  poems  and
                  interviews appeared in several national
                  and  international  magazines.  She  has
                  successfully  organized  first  virtual
                  poetry event in June, 2020 on behalf of
                  Prachya  Review  with  collaboration  of
                  Tong-Ghor Talkies.

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