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                      Translated from Italian by Pina Piccolo

            labor bandits of May
            though  feasting,  heads  are  a
            lance                                   *Maggiolero      is     a
            resting on farewell songs
            farewell radio signals                  neologism  coined  by
            farewell road signs                     Antonino      Contiliano
            farewell rail switches                  combining  the  words
            farewell airport flags                  Maggio  (May  in  Italian)
            farewell maritime signals               and  bandolero  (bandit
            farewell web bandwidths                 in Spanish).
            here unemployed we remain               **   “The    dream     of
            empty streets and squares               something”  is  taken
            flagless wind                           from  a  letter  Karl  Marx
            the fallen in pursuit of careers        wrote to Arnold Ruge in
            let’s un-employ dreams                  1843.  To  provide  some
            “the dream of something”**              context  here  is  the
            be   construction      sites   for      paragraph  it  is  taken
            bandits                                 from:  “Our  programme
            cart drivers and foot soldiers          must  be:  the  reform  of
            hammering  elephant  folds  in             consciousness      not
            the sun                                 through dogmas but by
            May Day and so many                     analyzing       mystical
            running after summer roses              consciousness obscure

                                                    to itself,

            whether  it  appear  in  religious  or  political  form.  It  will  then
            become  plain  that  the  world  has  long  since  dreamed  of
            something of which it needs only to become conscious for it
            to possess it in reality. It will then become plain that our task
            is not to draw a sharp mental line between past and future, but
            to  complete  the  thought  of  the  past.  Lastly,  it  will  becomes
            plain  that  mankind  will  not  begin  any  new  work,  but  will
            consciously bring about the completion of its old work.”

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