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           Contiliano  Antonino  lives  in  Marsala,  on  the
           island of Sicily in Italy. He was editor of literary
           journals  such  as  “Impegno80”  and  “  Spiragli”
           and belonged to the Antigruppo siciliano. In the
           Eighties  he  was  a  member  of  the  organizing
           committee          for     the     “Encounters           Among
           Mediterranean  Peoples”  conferences  held  in
           Mazara  del  Vallo.  He  is  a  regular  contributor  to
           many  journals  and  has  published  many  essays
           and  poetry  collections.  His  works  include:  Il
           flauto  del  fauno  (The  flute  of  the  faun,  1981),  Il
           profumo  della  terra  (The  scent  of  the  earth,
           1983),  Gli  albedi  del  sole  (The  albedos  of  the
           sun,  1988),  Exilul  utopiei  (1990),  L'utopia  di
           Hannah  Arendt  (1991),  La  contingenza/Lo
           stupore  del  tempo  (The  contingency  /  The
           wonder of time, 1995), Kairós desdichado (1998
           ),  La  Soglia  dell’esilio  (The  Threshold  of  exile,
           2000), Terminali and Muquenti / Paradossi ( 2005
           ),  Tempo  spaginato  /  Chi-asmo  (2007),  Il  tempo
           del  poeta  (2009),  Ero  (s)  diade  /  La  binaria  dell'
           asiento  (2010),  OnDevaStar  (  2015),  Futuro
           eretico (Heretical future, 2016). He was the editor
           for the following books of anonymous collective
           Compagni di strada caminando ( 2003),
           Marcha Hacker/Laughter cyberfreak (2005 ),
           'Elmotell blues (2007),
           Noi Rebeldía 2010, We are winning wing ( 2012)
           and Noi Rebeldía 2014, L'ora zero (2014).
           Contiliano  Antonino  was  the  poet  of  February
           month of Litterateur Redefining World

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