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                     BIRTH OF MERCURY

           In silence I wait for a spring within.
           I know, I see: it is breathing.
           Moving its arrows up my chest and chin--
           Light, my season.

           At a stone door
           In a month of fire
           A child was born.
           His lips drank love.

           In the woods of bones
           Guarded by the moon
           I was born an opposite
           To my seven names.

           The child drank love.
           I drink shadow.
           When I drink the ocean,
           I will sound deep.

           --I have heard before
           Your boastful lies.
           God, love me more!
           Sprinkle me with advice!

           Advice: Hide where I hide.
           Hide where I see you.
           (I don't hide to see you.
           I run to think.)

           I no longer long for a permission of mercy.
           When God looks me in the eye, I look into his.
           Winter  breathing  is  silence.  Silence  is  song.  Song  is
           Silence is wine. When you drink it, I freeze.

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