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Short Story
                  “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I understand the
                  choice between Big Oil and saving your lives has proven                                        Rising Water

                  difficult. Your distrust of the media and science has kept                                    Kelle Grace Gaddis

                  you  from  taking  action  for  two  centuries.  The  time  to                                   United States
                  deal  with  the  crisis  is  at  hand.  Ask  yourselves,  can

                  anyone  here  deny  that  we  are  surrounded  in  rising


                  The gallery fell silent as Saveshore said, “I rest my case.”

                  After a short deliberation the jurors declared Big Oil innocent of wrongdoing. When

                  asked by a reporter after the trial what lead to the unanimous vote in favor of Big
                  Oil one juror said “Saveshore made some good points, we’re all going under, but

                  Dimdon’s argument about our jet skis spoke to me. We can’t live without boats and

                  floatation devices, can we?

                  Before  the  reporter  could  ask  another  question  a  tidal  wave  rose  up  over  the

                  courtroom  sweeping  Dimdon,  Saveshore,  the  Judge,  jury,  protestors  and  suits
                  were  swept  away.  In  the  end  there  was  no  official  proceedings  yet  the  Earth  felt

                  itself the winner.

                  Kelle Grace Gaddis is renowned short story writer from United States.

                  She works at Entrepreneur and Writer / Editor / Owner of Brightly Press

                  /  Mind  for  hire  and  Internationally  acclaimed  intuitive.  She  had

                  appeared  as  a  guest  speaker  at  The  University  of  Washington  /  CBS

                  News  "The  Psychic  Next  Door,"  Darkness  Radio  and  The  Ghost

                  Adventurers TV Show.

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