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Short Story
                  “Do something before she drowns,” said the judge.
                                                                                                                 Rising Water

                  The poor girl was caught in a current created by water                                        Kelle Grace Gaddis

                  gushing  through  the  vents.  In  an  effort  to  remove  her,                                  United States
                  the  bailiff  opened  the  courtroom  doors  causing  more

                  water to rush in. The Bailiff and the woman were swept

                  backward  down  the  aisle  towards  the  bench.  A  few  officers  swam  into  the

                  courtroom  with  life-rings  to  help  the  Bailiff  haul  her  out.  The  woman,  relieved  to

                  have a floatation device wanted to stay, but was denied permission because she
                  was using the court’s floatation devices rather than her own. The Bailiff said, “We

                  can’t supply floaties for everyone so you’ll have to go."

                  Upon returning to the courtroom, the Bailiff tried to close the doors but the force of

                  rising  water  had  become  more  intense  making  it  impossible.  The  Judge,  losing
                  patience, said, “Bailiff, leave it. We’ll make do.”

                          Denny  Dimdon  stood  atop  his  desk  relieved  the  courtroom  furniture  was

                          nailed down. Then, like a man who that had accepted a life of nails, he began

                          to hammer out his closing remarks to the shivering jurors, “The prosecution

                          has painted an unfair picture of Big Oil, any suggestion that my clients do not
                          care  for  the  welfare  of  the  citizens  or  planet  it  utterly  absurd.  One  needn’t

                          look far to see the prosecutor's case denies the reality in which we live; our

                          world  needs  fossil  fuels  today,  tomorrow,  and  forever.  It’s  common  sense.
                          Our jet skis require oil. The floatation rings and swans many are using in this

                          very courtroom are made with oil. I ask you, did you swim here or come by jet

                          ski or boat? If you arrived with the help of an engine, you must side with Big
                          Oil.  I  implore  you,  do  not  to  succumb  to  the  prosecutions  facts  and  fear

                          mongering.  If  the  water  is  rising  because  of  Global  Warming,  then,  in  my

                          mind, we need Big Oil more than ever to keep our world moving forward!”

                  The gallery erupts in chatter until Judge Coldwater pounds his gavel. The suits in

                  the  courtroom  smile  and  nod  in  agreement  with  Denny  Dimdon  until  Seymour
                  Saveshore spoke.


                  Seymour  Saveshore  addressed  the  consequences  of  inaction  and  the  damage
                  already done. To the jurors, he sounded like a continuation of the unpleasant day

                  they were having. Few could imagine their lives without Jet Skis and boats, not to

                  mention plastic, oil lamps, and gas heating. There were no reliable alternatives to

                  oil  that  didn’t  require  more  hardship  and  suffering.  Saveshore  could  see  he  was
                  losing. He dropped his prepared argument and loudly said,

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