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Short Story

                                                   Rising Water

                                                Kelle Grace Gaddis

                                                       United States

                    In the men’s room Denny Dimdon, counsel for Big Oil’s right to deny

                    Global  Warming,  stood  barefoot,  drying  his  water-soaked  socks.

                    Opposing counsel, Seymour Saveshore, dry-footed courtesy of his tall
                    rubber boots, made waves as he paced back and forth while practicing

                    his opening remarks at the shallow end of the hallway.

                    Once Dimdon’s socks were dry, he stuffed them back into his soaking
                    wet shoes and sloshed in knee high water to the courtroom.

                    Having just finished his dry run, Saveshore held the courtroom door

                    open        for      Dimdon,          who       quickly         stepped         through          without
                    acknowledging the prosecuting attorney’s courtesy.

                    The  bailiff  shouted,  “All  rise!”  to  be  heard  over  the  whir  of  activists
                    riding jet skis beyond the courthouse windows.

                    Everyone in the packed courtroom stood on command causing waves
                    and unsettling the room’s tide pool. The women and men in the gallery

                    had  patches  of  sea-foam  on  their  dresses,  sleeves,  slacks,  and

                    jackets. As the water rose, the shortest in stature were forced to stand

                    on their toes to avoid being fully submerged. When the effort became
                    too  much  for  them  they  tread  water  further  aggravating  the  already

                    high-strung crowd.

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