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I texted him asking for a date. He responded                                     Short Story

               promptly.  It  was  in  the  afternoon  again  in  our  garden                                      Rag

               shed.  I  walked  under  its  foliage  and  waited.  A  desire
               swelled  in  my  heart.  He  carried  me  and  he  walked                                   Mehreen Ahmed

               towards the shed.

                          After about a quarter of an hour, I saw through
               the tiny shed window, a crow flying in and sitting on the

               shed of the corrugated iron roof. He dropped a patch of

               faeces lather on its edge before it flew away with a caw.
               Sunny and I spent nearly two hours here. I began to feel

               it,  the  passion,  the  romance,  and  a  rash  desire  for

               Sunny, like bubbling water on a scalding pan rushing to
               the  center  to  form  one  whole.  Sunny  was  the  one,  the

               only love of my life.

                Sunny looked at me and asked,

                          “What’s up! What’re you thinking?”

                          “Of you.”
                          “Really? Do you want to marry me?”

                          “Yes, I do.”


                          “Hmm? I asked.
                          “Not sure, if you’re committed enough.”

                          He lit a cigarette and made a smoky ring as he puffed it out through his
               pouty  lips.  The  penny  dropped  for  me.  Sunny  was  right.  I  wasn’t  marriage-

               worthy.  This  passion  would  relinquish;  I  was  another  Madame  Bovary  in


               Mehreen  Ahmed  is  widely  published  and  critically  acclaimed  by

               Midwest  Book  Review,DD  Magazine,The  Wild  Atlantic  Book  Club  to

               name a few. Her short stories are a winner in The Waterloo Short Story

               Competition, Shortlisted in Cogito Literary Journal Contest, a Finalist

               in the Fourth Adelaide Literary Award Contest, winner in The Cabinet

               of Heed stream-of-consciousness challenge. Her works are three-time

               nominated for The Best of the Net Awards,nominated for the Pushcart

               Prize Award,two-time nominated for Aurealis Awards. Her book is an

               announced Drunken Druid's Editor's Choice.

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