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Short Story
            Then  I  heard  footsteps.  Our  neighbor’s  son  Sunny,
            ambled through the garden.                                                                             Rag

                       “Are you reading Tagore’s The Last Poem?”                                           Mehreen Ahmed

                       He asked looking at the turned pages.

                       “Yes,” I answered.

                       “How are you liking it?”

                       “I like his views on love and marriage,” I said.

                       “Hmm, Interesting take, say, do you think Madame

            Bovary could change?” he asked.

                       “Seriously? No, I don’t think so. Her boredom was
            too deep.”

                       He noted my terse answer. However, I continued


                       I had roped myself in defense of the Madame

            Bovary  types  of  the  world.  Suddenly,  he  pulled  me

            towards  him.  His  lips  were  pressing  hard  and  hot  on
            mine.  I  had  the  strangest  vision  in  his  arms.  I  felt  a


                       “I have been there. Done it, many, many times.”

                       I cried and unlocked myself from his arms.

                       “With the same person?” he asked.


                       “Aha,” he chuckled.

                We  entered  the  house  together.  Our  parents  chatted  on  the  far  side  of  the
                verandah. Sunny joined them for a drink. I went to my bedroom and stood by

                the window. The pomegranate tree was in full bloom. True love didn't exist. But,

                I  felt  something  today.  Maybe  Sunny  checkmated  me.  One  kiss,  could  this
                transform me? I braced myself for a fall.

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