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                      Eva Petropoulou Lianoy, Greece

                                                                                Your smile...

                                                                      I dream a future with you

                    Eva         was        born         in            I dream a blue sky

                    Xylokastro  where  she
                                                                      Sunset to a an island
                    completed  her  basics

                    studies. She  attended                            I dream a white house

                    journalism  lesson  at

                    the  ANT1  School.  In                            And have a view to the sea

                    1994  she  worked  as  a

                    journalist                                        I dream a future close to you..

                    in  French  newspaper

                    "Le  LIBRE  JOURNAL"                              And i get a bad dream

                    Since  2002,  she  lives
                                                                      Sleeping alone
                    and  works  in  Athens.

                    She  works  as  a  web                            Feeling weak

                    radio  producer  read-

                    ing fairy tales at radio                          But in my heart

                    logotexniko                    vima
                                                                      i am not alone because i feel your heart
                    every          sunday.           She              beat

                    published  books  and

                    ebooks:  "I  and  my                              I feel your breath....

                    other avenger,my Skia

                    publications Saita"                               World exist because you are smiling.

                     "Zeraldin  and  The  elf  of  the  lake"  in  Italian  and  in  French  as

                     well as “The daughter of the Moon” in 2 languages  English and

                     Greek.  The  Moon  Daughter  published  by  Ocelotos  4  times,

                     received best reviews for author's writing and writing style.

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                             REDEFINING WORLD
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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