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Short Story
                       their smell and the lake that did not become
                                                                                                           There was a man -
                       the sea, which was only given to long for the                                   Anna and the silent city.

                       great  tide,  the  departure  and  the  windless
                                                                                                               Elżbieta Adamiec
                       evening and the sky that is darker than azure
                       of eyes.
                                                                                                         Elżbieta Adamiec

                       In  our  room  ferns  will  bloom  and  they  will
                       spin a tale of the city, of Arcadia.

                       And  in  the  garden  the  crucifixion  will  take

                       place and God's heart will break once again.

                       You will kneel, I will kneel.
                       Arcadia is a city of tender people, so tender

                       you will become and I shall become too.

                       You will regain your name and in the corner

                       of the room the scent of calamus flasks will
                       appear, tranquility will sound.

                       Our footsteps will echo...

                       Elżbieta  Adamiec,  born  on  27.12.1956  in  Nowy  Dwór  Gdański,

                       currently lives in Bielsko-Biała. In 2005, the Libiąż Cultural Center

                       published a notebook with her poems "Autumn Woman", reissued

                       in 2008. She has published four books of poetry "I want" and "Żuł i

                       krajna, pill for sny" in 2019, "Tak tu cicho, tak cicho jest" in 2020,

                       and  "NIC  w  dłonie"  2021.  Her  poems  are  also  included  in  the

                       anthologies "Poets of the Web" and "Farewells" - 2006.

                       I like dream motifs with their particular alternate reality, I like that

                       someone spelled inside me and he is my hidden better self. Our life,

                       our every day is not clearly different from the fairy tale world, the

                       fiction  of  good  and  evil,  permeates  our  lives.  Behind  each  poem

                       there is another world, other spaces and they are not inaccessible


                                           Translated from Polish into English by  Małgorzata
                                                        Borzeszkowska and Shajil Anthru

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                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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