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Short Story

                                                                                                           The Tale of Berlin

                                                                                                                Sherzod Artikov

                       -First, we’ll have a visit in the cemetery in Heerstrasse, I told taxist on the


                       He gave a nod to show his understanding and kept driving. When we reached
                       the  cemetery,  the  sun  was  glowing.  I  found  my  grandfather’s  grave  and

                       looked at carved picture on marble, firstly.

                       It sounds like as if he was asking:” where are you going, Isfandiyor?” .when I

                       knelt in front him, the picture got bigger and asked it repeatedly…

                       -Granddad,  I’m  going  to  your  homeland,  -  I  said  stroking  marble,  hardly

                       looking at the picture.

                       No  sound  came  from  the  grave,  the  picture  of  my  grandfather  gave  that

                       question to me again:

                       -Isfandiyor, where are you going?!...

                          Sherzod Artikov                                                                          Nigora

                                                                     Translated from Uzbek

                                                                     into  English  by  Nigora

                      Sherzod  Artikov  was                                                  Nigora           Dedamirzayeva

                      born  in  1985  year  in                                               was  born  in  1998  in

                      Marghilan             city       of                                    Namangan,  one  of  the

                      Uzbekistan.                     He                                     cities        of       Uzbekistan.

                      mainly writes stories                                                  Currently,               she             is

                      and  essays  and    is                                                 studying  at  Namangan

                      one of the winners of                                                  State         University,             the

                      the  national  literary                                                faculty              of           world

                      contest                                                                languages

                  Litterateur                                          53

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