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Short Story

                                                                                                           The Tale of Berlin

                                                                                                                Sherzod Artikov

                  …in the evening I walked from Heerstrasse to Fridrixstrasse (where my home is
                  located)  in  the  rain.  My  parents  were  at  home,  dad  was  busy  with  reading

                  newspapers  while  mom  was  in  the  habit  of  weaving  warm  socks  as  soon  it

                  would be winter.

                  After going along the corridor, I glanced at my grandfather's picture with Ruzi

                  Nazar when I neared the dinner table in the middle of the room. He was wearing

                  military  uniform  showing  his  pain  rather  than  nobility.  Mom  served  a  bowl  of

                  -Dad, I want to visit my grandfather's homeland - I raised my head looking at


                  -How about your work in the bank? – He asked after a while.

                  -I’ll take a holiday- I told whistling in the dark.

                  -Is it too vital for you to go there? - He wrinkled his forehead.

                  -Let him go, - mom who was sitting in the corner of the room doing her work
                  silently joined for our conversation.

                  Dad thought for a moment and nodded his head in agreement. Mom entered the
                  grandfather’s  room  and  fetched  something  to  me.  It  was  an  old  handkerchief

                  patterned  with  different  colorful  camels  around  borders  and  dome  shaped

                  mosque in the center.

                  -Take it, mom handed it to me – your grandfather always took this handkerchief

                  during his lifetime.

                  I got up prematurely on my departure day feeling strong emotions. A chance to
                  see that my granddad’s sunny land which was becoming Mushtariy’s homeland

                  in reality impressed me a lot. Moreover, I utterly bewitched by Mushtariy.

                  As  dad  went  to  work  early,  I  only  said  goodbye  to  my  mom  when  taxi  came.

                  Mom whimpered giving a tight hug and waved with tearful eyes.

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