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After finishing my work up in the bank, I made a
                  dash  to  spend  as  much  time  as  possible  in  the                                 Short Story

                  bookstore. Naturally, Mushtariy was always there.                                        The Tale of Berlin

                  An  invisible  hand  was  following  me  to  the                                              Sherzod Artikov

                  bookshop,  I  was  fascinated  by  the  unknown
                  sweet emotions. If I didn’t come to the shop for a                                  -How it would be?

                  long time, I felt as if there's oxygen depletion, and

                  only after talking with her I could start to breathe                                We had opening  training
                  deeply and smoothly.
                                                                                                      that day in the restaurant
                                                                                                      which  wasn’t  so  big  in
                  I  thought  to  give  her  a  bunch  of  flowers  or  take                          Tornstrasse,             I     could

                  her out for a meal in a fancy restaurant once in a                                  assimilate various  words
                  while, yet I didn’t adapt to pay much attention to                                  and  phrases  such  as  “

                  women  as  I  was  timid.  My  courage  weakened  to                                hi"  ,  “  how  are  you?”,  “

                  use  my  common  sense  fully  in  some  cases.                                     have  a  nice  day!”  in

                  Besides, I thought it was a bit earlier to do this as                               Uzbek  version  with  the
                  I only ask from Mushtariy about my grandfather's                                    help  of  Mushtariy.  While

                  homeland  as  I  shied  away  from  having                                          pronouncing              them,        I

                  conversation  on  other  topics.  Day  by  day,  she                                experienced                  bizarre
                  caused to broaden my horizon and knowledge by                                       emotions.  Firstly,  I  was

                  describing  that  distant  land  where  she  and  my                                speaking                           my

                  grandfather  were  born.  As  a  result,  a  flame  of                              grandfather’s            language
                  strong  desire  to  get  a  panoramic  view  of  the                                for the first time. Looking

                  valley was burning, I was so fixated on thinking it.                                from  the  other  side,  I

                  Eventually,  one  day  I  plucked  up  the  courage  to                             started  to  look  at  her  as

                  offer Mushtariy to have lunch together. First she                                   an ideal woman. She was
                  didn't  trusted  me  but  after  a  while  she  said  she                           absolutely               adorable,

                  would consider my request. It seemed strange to                                     endlessly          overindulged

                  me  who  was  familiar  with  European  culture,                                    and sincere.

                  admittedly.  Because  here  if  an  unmarried  girl  is
                  offered  for  a  meal,  she  would  never  give  an                                 -Do you know meaning of

                  answer like her.
                                                                                                      your  name?  -  She  asked

                                                                                                      to  halt  an  uncomfortable
                  I  can  recall  the  day  we  had  lunch  together,  too.                           silence.

                  Since it was Sunday,  both Mushtariy and I were

                  sitting in a restaurant looking relaxed, breathing a                                -For  example,  I  knew

                  sigh of relief.
                                                                                                      meanings  of  Peter,  Paul,
                                                                                                      Sebastian  as  they  were
                  -Do you want me to teach you Uzbek language? -                                      Saints’  names.  But  I  had

                  asked Mushtariy eating sardines.
                                                                                                      never  thought  meaning

                                                                                                      of my name at all.
                   I was drinking soda water and it was abrupt word

                  for me.
                  Litterateur                                          50

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