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After  getting  off  the  station,  I  went  to  the
                  bookstore  in  Heerstrasse.  As  Mushtariy  left  the                                  Short Story

                  job,  another  girl  who  has  the  look  of  Latin                                      The Tale of Berlin

                  American  employed  there.  She  was  comely  and                                             Sherzod Artikov

                  swarthy.    Noticing  my  entrance  she  hastened  to
                  me to know whether or not I’m in need of help. I                                    Even if he didn’t breathea

                  shook my head. Nearly no changes were made to                                       word  about  this  to  my

                  the  bookshop.  I  didn’t  stay  there  much,  thinking                             dad and me at all, I knew
                  unfit to buy nothing, I went out taking one of the                                  it  albeit  accidentally.  I

                  books of Kafka which wasn’t so expensive in my                                      found  a  diary  which  he

                                                                                                      wrote        to      the       death

                                                                                                      including  his  childhood,
                  All was a bit different when I got in there firstly: I                              the  war  years  and  the

                  recognized her at once when Mushtariy gave me a                                     rest  of  his  life  several

                  warm         welcome.           She       also       identified         me          years         ago.         I     was

                  remembering              that      metro         event        with       an         schoolboy  at  that  time.
                  imperceptible  smile  on  her  crimson  lips.  Then                                 Grandfather            wrote       he

                  advised lots of books.
                                                                                                      loathed           Stalin         and

                                                                                                      Bolsheviks for exiling his
                  -I  spend  every  spare  time  I  have  from  university                            mother to freezing region

                  here  -  she  said  suggesting  Rainer  Maria  Rilke's                              called                      Siberia,

                  poetry book.
                                                                                                      assassinating  his  father,

                                                                                                      the  reason  for  artificial
                  I  didn’t  pay  much  attention  to  what  she  was                                 starvation  and  unrest

                  saying  at  that  time  as  it  wasn’t  unusual.  In                                throughout                        the

                  Germany, not only foreign students, but also local                                  country.Maybe  for  this
                  students  work  in  variety  of  shops,  restaurants,                               reason,    he  allied  the

                  organizations  for  hourly  pay.  The  reason  for                                  legion          of       Turkistan

                  catching  my  attention  was  totally  different.  I                                witnessing  the  pathetic

                  gazed at her surprisingly, when she told me she                                     consequences                        of
                  is from Uzbekistan.
                                                                                                      captivity,  losing  captives

                                                                                                      their  lives  day  by  day  in
                  -Why  are  you  staring  at  me  like  this?  -  She                                Buchenvald
                  blushed scarlet.
                                                                                                      concentration  camp  like
                                                                                                      others  during  the  war.
                  -You are from my grandfather’s homeland.
                                                                                                      Until  the  end  of  the  war

                                                                                                      he  was  with  RuziNazar
                  She  looked  surprised  considering  me  German.                                    who         was        a      fellow

                  Physically,  I  bear  a  striking  resemblance  as  my                              countryman,  active  in

                  mom  was  a  German  woman.  I  was  a  pale-faced                                  legion so as not to expire

                  boy who can speak German language in origin. I                                      for Bolsheviks.
                  was  German  spiritually  even  so  my  grandfather

                  was Uzbek.
                  Litterateur                                          48

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