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Reflections on Salvino

                                                                                                         Catania's Paintings

                Paola Giannone, from the preface to the book of poems "Il sonno

                dell’insonnia"  (2014,  Leonida  Edizioni  -  Reggio  Calabria)  by

                Giacomo Giannone.

                (...) Salvino Cataniawas a mixture of frenzy, fury, sweetness, dreams, sanitary

                madness and an all-round artist who went through painting styles and moments

                of life so diametrically opposed, so inconsistent with each other so much that to
                evoke  that  typical  curiosity  in  people  without  the  gift  of  talent  towards  pure

                creation,  a  curiosity  moved  to  seek  in  his  private  life,  in  his  illness,  in  his

                periods of equilibrium the origin of his art. And then the crepuscular or violent

                visions  that  raged  in  canvases  filled  with  colors  full  of  strident  combinations
                seemed to everyone the mirror of his mental torment and at the same time the

                revelation of the secret of life and of the hidden reality to the normal inhabitants

                of the earth.
                (...)  Salvino  Catania,  within  his  psychic  world,  he  read  what  surrounded  him,

                first  of  all  his  land,  Sicily,  which  appears  continuously  in  his  canvases  often

                transfigured in very bright colors; then, both through an abstract technique and

                through  an  always  colorful  naturalism,  death,  politics,  the  relationship  with
                spirituality, the vitality of the animal world as a source of life. (...)


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