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Reflections on Salvino

                                      Catania's Paintings

                Salvatore  Ingrassia,  from  the  catalog  of  "Il  canto  del  mare"

                (second edition), 2003, National Exhibition of Contemporary Art,

                Palazzo del Banco di Sicilia, Mazara.

                (…) It will be the bright colors that express our Mediterranean environment, or

                the magic of the always original idea, with that touch of genius that renews and

                repeats  the  stylistic  features  dear  to  him.  It  will  be  the  style  close  to  the
                figurative,  but  with  a  lot  of  freedom  towards  the  abstract,  or  because  we  are

                faced  with  an  authentic  talent  capable  of  expressing  the  beauties  of  the

                territory,  from  the  faces  to  the  landscapes  that  he  fixes  in  his  canvases,
                transfiguring them into icons of eternal beauty. stylized by art and delivered to

                our  memory  forever  as  a  testimony  to  the  feverish  and  continuous  artistic

                passion of a painter who is the living embodiment of the meridian genius.

                From  the  Editorial  of  "Dialoghi  mediterranei"  -  Bimonthly

                magazine of the Istituto Euroarabo in Mazara del Vallo, January /

                February 2014 issue

                (…)  In  his  best  seasons  he  painted  agaves  and  flowers,  palms  and  shells.  In

                recent years, the references to figurative culture almost completely dissolved,

                his  paintings  have  appeared  full  of  elementary  signs,  of  strident  chromatic

                contrasts, of pictorial textures that seemed to tangle the lines in tortuous and
                labyrinthine paths or to unravel them in compositions inlaid with colored warps

                and  geometric  ideograms,  in  a  wise  multiplication  of  modules  and  symbols

                destined  to  expand  and  increase  perceptive  experiences.  Due  to  their

                compositional originality, some pictorial results could rightly find application in
                the production of fabrics, sweaters and tapestries. Often, however, the shadows

                of a hand-to-hand challenge with matter, with oils, with the lumps of paints, with

                art techniques and with the art of life, stretched over the subjects.(...)

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