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They are black and threadlike signs that mark the contours,                                  On Salvino Catania's

               which thicken or thin out following the web of relationships                                          Paintings
                                                                                                                  Giacomo Cuttone
               between them and the space that corrodes them, un-figured

                figures (the artistic and philosophical existentialism of Giacometti and Sartre).

               Here, in these Christological spaces, there is the whole symbiosis (but troubled

               and macerated) with a pain that is, mainly, the denunciation of a life that does
               not give, almost in a Leopardian way, what it promises you "then": in rising to

               world! The dividing line between art and life, therefore, merges, smokes, thins,

               becomes imperceptible, disappears. Salvino, certainly, was a tormented painter,
               like the so-called "cursed painters" (Modigliani, Soutine, Utrillo, Derain, Valadon

               and others who, in Paris, in the years between the end of the 19th century and

               the  beginning  of  '  900,  frequented  the  districts  of  Montmartre  then
               Montparnasse, trying their luck and living outside the schemes and rules), but

               he was also an inimitable subject with great vital energy: penniless, in-quiet, the

               rules did not imprison him ; detachment and dissent were rather the propellant

               that fed his subversive charge of practice and daily meaning.
               I like to close this short note with some lines from a poem that my friend and

               poet Rolando Certa dedicated to our painter, Savino Catania. The poem is "It is

               not vainglory" (...):

               But  your  images,  hot  or  delicate,  /  my  verses,  which  run  between  dream  and

               reality, / suffered from insomnia one night. / They moaned in the void. / Anguish

               loomed. / (…) And so we have renewed ourselves. / You with your "sandstones",

               / giants with millenary scorching heat, / clarified anguish, made style; / you with
               your burning landscapes, / between sun, fire and magic, / and I with my vines

               following the chimeras of love, / skies of feeling, prairies of escaped sweetness; /

               (...)  /  trespassing  beyond  real  limits,  /  where  the  skies  are  blue,  /  and  dreams

               explode, / (...) / a new, human adventure. / (...) / My friend, before evening comes /
               - that life is short as a fairy tale - / (bitter sweet, solemn tragic) / let our longing be

               fulfilled / in the miracle of poetry.

               Giacomo  Cuttone  (Marsala,  1958)    has  participated  in  the  artistic  life

               since 1972 exhibiting, by invitation, in numerous group exhibitions. In

               the 1980s he founded, together with other Sicilian artists, the Cultural

                Center of Visual Arts of Marsala and, together

                with the Poet Antonino Contiliano, as part of

                the  cultural  promotion  of  the  Municipality  of

                Petrosino,  he  gave  life  to  a  Review  of

                Contemporary Art and a Poetry Prize.

                  Litterateur                                          39                         December 15, 2013
                                                                                                  Giacomo Cuttone,

                             REDEFINING WORLD

                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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