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Salvino Catania

                   Along his creative excursus he explored and investigated all the languages

                   of  modern  and  contemporary  art,  painting  about  seven  thousand  works
                   exhibited  in  many  private  homes,  credit  institutions,  clubs,  pharmacies,

                   shops and bar, at the Sicily Gallery of the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo,

                   in  the  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  of  Calatafimi-Segesta  and  in  the
                   Contemporary  Art  Gallery  of  the  Municipality  of  Petrosino  /  Biblioteca

                   Istituto comprehensive "G. Nosengo ".

                   He has to his credit several personal, impromptu and collective exhibitions.
                   Reviews  of  his  artistic  activity  have  been  published  in  newspapers,

                   magazines  and  websites.  Some  television  channels  have  also  been

                   interested in his activity and his life. In the last years of his life he lived in

                   poverty in his home in via Roma 36,  where he died of charred, due to an
                   accident,  on  December  7,  2013.  The  funeral  was  held  in  the  Cathedral

                   Basilica on December 16, in the priest-friend Don Orazio Placenti officiates;

                   around his coffin around thirty of his works have been exhibited by friends

                   and admirers. His remains rest in the cemetery of his city.


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