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                                                                               Salvino Catania was born in Mazara
                                                                               del  Vallo  on  March  14,  1945  in  a

                                                                               wealthy family.

                                                                               As  a  child  he  was  diagnosed  with
                                                                               meningitis which caused him mental

                                                                               disorders and, for this reason, over

                                                                               the  years,  he  often  underwent
                                                                               compulsory health treatment.

                                                                               He graduated from the Art School of

                                                                               Palermo  in  1964  and  attended  the

                                                                               Academies of Fine Arts in Florence
                                                                               and Rome, not completing the cycle

                                                                               of studies. In Rome he had contacts

                                                                               with  the  sculptor  Pietro  Consagra

                                                                               and  with  the  artists  of  the  “Forma”

                                                                               For a very short period he taught Art

                                                                               and  Image  in  lower  secondary
                                                                               schools and, in 1969, he applied for

                                                                               teaching at the Regional Art Institute

                                                                               of  Mazara  and,  subsequently,  as  a

                                                                               substitute           teacher,         he      taught
                                                                               pictorial decoration.

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