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                  Deeksha Raina, India


                     Deeksha Raina is from

                     India             and            has                                 My four walled room,
                                                                                       a canvas for my strokes
                     contributed  in  various                               a splash of reds, the color of your love,

                     anthologies                      and                      a coat of pink for the dried up rose

                     literary            magazines.                          painted blues since I am missing you;

                     She          has          recently                      Oh! Color me black, betrayal dripping

                     compiled             her        own                                           through.

                     anthology                      titled

                     'Chasing  Hope!'  now

                     available on Amazon.

                                                                                    It's a bug, a strange inkling: an

                                                                               amalgam, filtered. Pensive blues, and
                                                                                 rogue emotions: monotone colour,

                                                                                   grey. Heavy eyes, wild whispers:

                                                                             searching the light piercing through the

                  Litterateur                                          34

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