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Poetry                             Suchismita Ghoshal,


                I Have Fallen For You                                                         Evil Fortune

                I have fallen for you                                                         A tornado is swishing away
                from my heart to my brain                                                     The entities over the world,

                you've occupied your existence.                                               Questions hanging

                I have fallen for you,                                                        From the harsh scenarios

                Incognizantly & endlessly.                                                    Of the dead bodies
                To the eyes beguiling,                                                        Where corona clawed

                to the smile alluring,                                                        Its unkempt nails.

                to the cheeks exquisite,                                                      An end we have no clue,

                I have fallen for everything.                                                 A  surreal  misfortune  we  have  to
                My heart echoes those magical words                                           bear,

                & they bounce back soon touching your                                         A  good  luck  charm  is  deferred  to

                skin.                                                                         arrive.
                Can't you feel the way I am smitten?

                Can't you even notice the sores I carry?

                Day by day, the abyss of bereavement

                wrenches my heart & aches my soul.
                Your ignorance withers my inner peace,

                turning  my  existence  shrink  a  little


                I  have  fallen  for  you  crossing  every

                I  have  fallen  for  you  ignoring  your

                reluctant eyes,
                I have fallen for you fighting every vice.

                     Author Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. She is a 23

                     years old MBA student who has excelled in the field of literature. Also

                     an  avid  reader,  professional  writer,  freelancer,  internationally

                     recognized  poet,  editor,  literary  enthsiast,  environmental  enthusiast

                     and SDG activist,

                  Litterateur                                          32

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